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More often than not, it is just tempting to leave your unused car in the yard because it would be a budgeting disaster to have it repaired anyway. You tend to stay away from the car no matter what happens outside. Some people put a cover over the car; if it is out of sight, then it is out of mind, but unfortunately sometimes that is just not how things work. Instead of letting it rot outside with nothing to salvage later, you may want to consider selling it. You get money, and the car is towed away for free. It is easy, just follow these instructions:

  • Get online and visit our official website. You can even do this from a smartphone. Fill out the online form.
  • The data you provide help us determine an appropriate price for the car.
  • When we can agree on the price, we send a tow truck to the location and get the deal done.
  • Your junk car is sold. Use your money wisely.

How to sell a junk car?

There isn’t really any big difference between selling an old abandoned car or s new one. Legal papers are still necessary, but they are not the ultimate prerequisites when it comes to a junk car. 

Condition still matters, but there is no need to find new replacement parts or repaint the car. Visit our official web page or give us a call to get more information about the process.

 As mentioned earlier, your car will be towed away from your property almost immediately after transaction completion. It is an easy quick way to turn an otherwise under-utilized asset into cold hard cash.

Cash For Junk Cars

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Junk Car Buyers

Junk Car Buyers

How is the car value determined?

When a car is sitting outside for prolonged period, the deterioration can only get worse over time which in turns affects the cars value. Several key factors we consider when determining a junk car value include:

  • Engine: an unused car naturally doesn’t get a lot of attention from the owner. There can be many engine parts that are severely damaged, covered in rust, cracked, or even missing. A simple way to check if the engine runs well is by starting it. Use a new battery in case the old one is no longer working. If the engine starts, the car has more value and you get more money for it. This means all key components are in working order, but there is no guarantee that all other parts are also in good shape.
  • Documentation: vehicle registration and proof of ownership are the bare minimum to ensure smooth selling process. Proof of ownership alone should be enough to complete the deal. As the name says, proof of ownership is a legal paper to verify that the car is indeed yours to sell. However, it is not uncommon for the owner of an unused car to ignore registration renewal or forget where the title is kept. In any case we can help you get familiar with the process of re-acquiring the legal papers through the local DMV. Regardless of the situation with car documentation, we urge you to be upfront so we can help figure out the workaround.
  • Physical condition: of course we don’t expect to give proper care for the unused car. Corrosion, flat tires, dents, noisy doors, broken mirrors, missing hood, and other signs of abandonment are nothing unusual. Condition affects value, so even an abandoned can bring good amount of money assuming it has all its parts still attached. Every bit of good condition counts.