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Have any unwanted or old vehicles around that you won’t mind letting go for a few bucks? Cash for cars could help with that, in just 4 short steps you could turn that vehicle into quality cash. 

    •    You’ll be required to be complete an online form providing answers and basic information concerning the vehicle you’re willing to put up. This information is necessary for accessing and making a possible offer for your vehicle.

    •    An offer is then made to you after the processing of your application. This offer is a price we are able and willing to pay for the vehicle.

    •    Once a price has been agreed upon, we then set you up with a tow truck which would meet with you to collect the vehicle.

    •    Finally, your vehicle is officially exchanged for cash, a deal that leaves everyone happy and satisfied!

Offering The Best Cash Offers For Cars and Other Vehicles

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to get rid of that old vehicle in your garage?

Wherever you may be located in South Florida, we offer vehicle expulsion and money for junk cars, trucks, vans and different vehicles in and throughout South Florida. Regardless of whether it doesn't run, Pro Junk Cars Cash will give you money for your junk car!

Cash For Junk Car Buyer Coral Gables

Junk Car Buyers Coral Gables FL

Why Us?

We offer cash for junk vehicles of all types, including:

  • Old cars and trucks that don't run;
  • Other cars that are unwanted in a certain location!
  • Road accidents and cars wrecked and damaged in an accident;
  • vehicles with fire or water damage;

Please Fill Out The Form Below For A Cash Offer

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Example: Chevy, Toyota, Ford, etc.
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Cash For Junk Cars Coral Gables

Our vehicle reusing specialists will solicit you a bit from general data about your auto, including:

- Make;
- Model;
- Year;
- General condition;
- Problems and harm; and
- Information on any missing parts or segments.

In light of the data you give, we can offer a statement for how a lot of cash you'll get for the vehicle.

Cash For Junk Cars Coral Gables

We Buy Junk Cars | How Junk Car Prices Are Estimated

Junk cars are often a source of dilemma to their owners. Most owners of junk cars hardly know what to do with them or how to dispose of them safely. However, not all junk cars should be left to rot or waste away. Do you have a junk car that is slowly becoming a source of inconvenience to you? There are ways through which you can dispose of these cars safely and still make money off it.

Exchanging Cars for Cash: How it Works

Want to exchange your junk cars for hard cash? The process is quite simple and seamless! You only need to follow the simple process below:

• Fill out an online form: Before we take your car off your hands, we would need to know some basic information about the car. Thus, we would ask questions pertaining to the car in order to ascertain the right amount for the car.

• Negotiation: Once we have all the information we need concerning the car, we will then offer you an amount for the car. Negotiating is allowed at this point.

• Towing: If we are able to reach an agreement on the price to be paid for the car, we will then send a towing truck over to pick up your car.

• Final sales: At this point, your vehicle has officially been sold. You will be left with a satisfactory amount of money while we tow your car away.

Junk Car Buyers | We Buy Junk Cars Coral Gables | Cash For Junk Cars Coral Gables

Junk Car Buyers Coral Gables
Ways To Sell A Junk Car | Cash For Junk Cars

Before your junk car is sold off, the company would need to estimate a suitable and realistic amount for it. There are certain key factors which are taken into consideration when estimating the price of a junk car. These factors include:

            •           The condition of the junk car: In most cases, junk cars look hideous and worthless on the outside. However, even the most hideous looking junk car could be worth a fortune. When estimating the price of a junk car, the company would need to take note of the condition of the car. Are the essential parts still in good condition? Do they still work? Your junk car is likely to cost higher if its essential parts are still in good condition.

            •           Car title: The title of the junk car equally plays a huge role in determining the price to be paid for it. Basically, a car title is a legal document or form establishing ownership and containing basic information about the car. Junk cars with clean titles are more likely to attract higher price offers. This is because clean titles are often an indicator that no permanent damages have been done to the car.

            •           Condition of the engine: The engine is one of the most important parts of any car. Thus, any junk yard company will be very interested in the condition of the engine. Does the engine still work or start? Is it dead? Does it require any repair? These questions play a huge role in determining or estimating the price of a junk car.

            •           Vehicle type: The model and make of your junk car is also quite important when estimating prices. Some car models are worth more than others. Thus, companies would need to know the model of your junk car before making an offer.

Most junk cars are not completely “junk” as their owners are wont to think. There are several ways to make money off your junk car without having to deal with it any longer. These ways include:

• Selling it “as is” : This is a very popular way of selling off junk cars. Here, you sell it off without taking out any parts to junk yards or people who need old,  cheap cars.

• Selling for scrap: In cases where your junk car is completely condemned, you can sell it off for its pieces of scrap and metal.

• Selling to a junkyard for parts: Most junkyards are mainly interested in the parts of junk cars. Thus, you can sell off your car to the local junkyard for its parts.

Selling off your junk car is a pretty seamless experience. It also serves as an easy way of making extra money while getting rid of your old car at the same time.

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