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Have any unwanted or old vehicles around that you won’t mind letting go for a few bucks? Cash for cars could help with that, in just 4 short steps you could turn that vehicle into quality cash. 

    •    You’ll be required to be complete an online form providing answers and basic information concerning the vehicle you’re willing to put up. This information is necessary for accessing and making a possible offer for your vehicle.

    •    An offer is then made to you after the processing of your application. This offer is a price we are able and willing to pay for the vehicle.

    •    Once a price has been agreed upon, we then set you up with a tow truck which would meet with you to collect the vehicle.

    •    Finally, your vehicle is officially exchanged for cash, a deal that leaves everyone happy and satisfied!

Offering The Best Cash Offers For Cars and Other Vehicles

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to get rid of that old vehicle in your garage?

Wherever you may be located in South Florida, we offer vehicle expulsion and money for junk cars, trucks, vans and different vehicles in and throughout South Florida. Regardless of whether it doesn't run, Pro Junk Cars Cash will give you money for your junk car!

Cash For Junk Car Buyer Miami Gardens

Junk Car Buyers Miami Gardens FL

Miami Gardens Junk Car Buyers

Why Us?

We offer cash for junk vehicles of all types, including:

  • Old cars and trucks that don't run;
  • Other cars that are unwanted in a certain location!
  • Road accidents and cars wrecked and damaged in an accident;
  • vehicles with fire or water damage;

Please Fill Out The Form Below For A Cash Offer

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Cash For Junk Cars Miami Gardens

Our vehicle reusing specialists will solicit you a bit from general data about your auto, including:

- Make;
- Model;
- Year;
- General condition;
- Problems and harm; and
- Information on any missing parts or segments.

In light of the data you give, we can offer a statement for how a lot of cash you'll get for the vehicle.

We Buy Junk Cars Miami Gardens

We Buy Junk Cars | How Junk Car Prices Are Estimated

There are a lot of elements that contribute to the junk car’s overall price. These elements include the car's condition; the year, make, or model; the presence of a title; and the engine's function.

These elements will result in either a substantial increase or decrease in your pay. To maximize the amount of money you make, you should gain an understanding of how those elements affect your car's value. You should keep this in mind when looking for a good place to sell your car. The following elements are just a few out of several that are useful to know.


Your vehicle’s condition matters. You already know this. If it looks bad, then it'll sell for cheap. If it looks good, then you'll get more for it. It varies depending on how bad the damage to your vehicle is, if there is any. What you may not know, though, is that the parts in your vehicle may be worth more than it is itself if the parts are in high demand where you’re selling.

Year, Make, & Model

The year, make, and model are important to junkyard buyers when they estimate your vehicle because they let them know how much scrap metal there is. Some junkyards value scrap metal more than the individual parts, so you could make more money if your vehicle has a lot of viable metal.


It’s harder to sell a car without a title. That’s because you’re unable to prove you can legally sell the vehicle and without that legal proof, the process is bound to be more difficult. Of course, it’s not impossible as you can prove you own it some other ways.

Engine Function

You’re bound to receive less for vehicles that won’t start. It just makes sense. You’re not going to make much money for a vehicle that isn’t functioning the way it should. Just keep this in mind when making your estimate.

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Junk Car Buyers Miami Gardens
Ways To Sell A Junk Car | Cash For Junk Cars

The first thing you should do is estimate your car yourself. Doing this will give you an idea of how much it’s worth and prevent you from being ripped off by buyers.

You don’t want to receive significantly less money than you should. You want as much as possible, so knowing the value of your car is a smart decision. To estimate it, first you should compare it to identical vehicles in used condition.

Then once you have a number, you should take into consideration the factors already mentioned and others to reach your diminished value. That will be how much your car is worth.

Our Buying Process

Our buying process isn’t complicated at all. In fact, it all begins with a simple questionnaire. On our website, there’s a form for you to answer that asks you questions about your automobile.

Your answers will help us create an appropriate and suitable offer. We’ll present you with our offer and if you choose to accept it, then we’ll send a tow truck over to pick it up and our driver will pay you. If you don’t accept it, then that’s fine.

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