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Have any unwanted or old vehicles around that you won’t mind letting go for a few bucks? Cash for cars could help with that, in just 4 short steps you could turn that vehicle into quality cash. 

    •    You’ll be required to be complete an online form providing answers and basic information concerning the vehicle you’re willing to put up. This information is necessary for accessing and making a possible offer for your vehicle.

    •    An offer is then made to you after the processing of your application. This offer is a price we are able and willing to pay for the vehicle.

    •    Once a price has been agreed upon, we then set you up with a tow truck which would meet with you to collect the vehicle.

    •    Finally, your vehicle is officially exchanged for cash, a deal that leaves everyone happy and satisfied!

Offering The Best Cash Offers For Cars and Other Vehicles

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to get rid of that old vehicle in your garage?

Wherever you may be located in South Florida, we offer vehicle expulsion and money for junk cars, trucks, vans and different vehicles in and throughout South Florida. Regardless of whether it doesn't run, Pro Junk Cars Cash will give you money for your junk car!

Cash For Junk Car Buyer Pembroke Park

Junk Car Buyers Pembroke Park FL

Pembroke Park Junk Car Buyers

Why Us?

We offer cash for junk vehicles of all types, including:

  • Old cars and trucks that don't run;
  • Other cars that are unwanted in a certain location!
  • Road accidents and cars wrecked and damaged in an accident;
  • vehicles with fire or water damage;

Please Fill Out The Form Below For A Cash Offer

example. 561-561-5611
Example: Chevy, Toyota, Ford, etc.
Example: Camaro, Camry, Taurus, etc.
Example: 1990
Cash For Junk Cars Pembroke Park

Our vehicle reusing specialists will solicit you a bit from general data about your auto, including:

- Make;
- Model;
- Year;
- General condition;
- Problems and harm; and
- Information on any missing parts or segments.

In light of the data you give, we can offer a statement for how a lot of cash you'll get for the vehicle.

We Buy Junk Cars Pembroke Park

We Buy Junk Cars | How Junk Car Prices Are Estimated

Complete Our Online Form

Before we can give you the best offer, we use our unique process to request for information about your vehicle.

Receive Our Price Offer

With the information you've given to us, we can determine the best offer for your vehicle and give you an instant quote (this is the best offer you will ever find on the market)

The Tow Truck Comes Around

If you accept our offer, we will agree on an appointment date for us to come and verify the information. Once the verification is complete, our tow truck will be ready to tow away the vehicle immediately

Your Vehicle Is Sold

Once you receive your money (in check, money order or PayPal), the tow truck driver tows away your vehicle by loading it on his tow truck and zooms off. We believe you will be so satisfied that you will recommend us to your contacts who need our services.

Junk Car Buyers | We Buy Junk Cars Pembroke Park | Cash For Junk Cars Pembroke Park

Junk Car Buyers Pembroke Park
Ways To Sell A Junk Car | Cash For Junk Cars
  • Describe your vehicle: give us a call or fill our online form to supply us the information we need to give you the best offer
  • Receive an immediate offer: with the information you've given to us, we'll give you an offer which you are free to accept or reject. The choice is yours
  • Offer acceptance: once you accept our offer, gather the necessary paperwork (for example, a signed title)
  • The meeting: we call you to book a date and time suitable for you. On the appointed date, we will come to inspect the car, verify its condition and paperwork
  • Receive your payment: once we are satisfied with your car's condition and paperwork, we can pay you via money order, check or PayPal
  • or Call Us for Assistance at:


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    Nearby Zip Codes:

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    Junk Car Buyers Pembroke Park | We Buy Junk Cars Pembroke Park  | Cash For Junk Cars Pembroke Park